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3 Incredibly Huge Reasons to Plug in to the Superpower of Publicity

Publicity is simply getting editorial coverage of the benefits and features on your small business. Samples of News Media Publicity are magazine and newspaper articles, tv and radio interviews, blog interviews etc…

Here are just a few reasons you will want to consider convincing yourself to take a leap of faith and jump aboard the Publicity train.

1. Third part Credit-ability: Getting news reporters to write about and carry-on about your small business in a professional news format allows for 3rd party credibility like no other form of media. When you say how great your company is – your bias at best, but when a professional reporter says it on their blog, newspaper or magazine article it carries some weight!

2.It’s Effective: Media Publicity is 10 times more effective than any other traditional media advertising. People believe what they read in a trusted, well known magazine or newspaper or when they see it on their television screen. They easily believe the Good-looking talking heads reading a cue card – and they believe it as fact and noteworthy.

3. It’s Affordable! Receiving media publicity for your business can cost NOTHING! You can write something up yourself and send it to news websites! If you have a budget, consider hiring a publicist to get you in the news! Just get your creative juices flowing.
There is literally a ton of reason you must get your business in the news media and to take advantage of the power of publicity!